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Defaulter’s Paradise Lost

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Author: Anant Merathia

Year: 2023

From December 2016, the Indian business community at large, bankers and financial institutions among other stakeholders were introduced to a new comprehensive legal and institutional machinery – the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 (“IBC”) – which was set to revolutionize the resolution process of financially distressed companies. In Defaulter’s Paradise Lost Anant Merathia meticulously curates the dynamic nature of the IBC while taking inspiration from his experience in this sphere of legal practice. This book accompanies the reader through the journey and evolution of the IBC in a stakeholder-wise manner touching upon, in the process, its various facets in a lucid and understandable manner, without the flourishes and jargon of a legal text. It is intended for use by members of the bench and the bar, insolvency professionals, finance professionals, chartered accountants, company secretaries, various stakeholders in the IBC, businesses, corporate entities and individuals, students, researchers, academicians, and law professors.

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Bankruptcy & Insolvency
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