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Drafting Contracts Basic Principles

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Author: Ajar Rab

Year: 2022

Drafting is one of the most fundamental skills which every legal practitioner must be equipped with. Yet, there has always existed a huge gap between the theory of law and contract, taught in law schools and the actual practice of the law. Ajar Rab's work is a sincere attempt to bridge the gap between the two.

Drafting Contracts - Basic Principles is divided into 12 chapters.
Chapter 1 introduces the basics of drafting to the learner and elaborates on the skills, objectives, and stages of contract drafting.
Chapter 2, explains the drafting process from taking instructions from the client to the essentials of a well-drafted contract.
Chapter 3 deals with the effective language to be used in contract drafting, from general principles to the types of contract language.
In Chapter 4 and 5, designing the terms and defining the contours of the contract have been explained by the author.
Chapters 6 to 8, deal with operative clauses, termination, remedies and exemption clauses, and standard form contracts or boilerplate contracts.
In Chapter 9, dispute resolution clauses are covered which include the scope of the clause, choice of law, and multi-tier dispute resolution clauses.
Concluding a contract is covered in Chapter 10 and reviewing contracts is covered in Chapter 11.
The final chapter, Chapter 12 deals with checklists and covers language and drafting checklists.

This book is meant for law students, beginners, fresh graduates, and laypersons looking for guidance on the subject. Experienced litigation professionals will also benefit from this book using it as a quick refresher. This book equips readers with sound knowledge and understanding of the basics, principles, and rules of drafting and gives a competitive advantage to the students when they step outside the law school.


Tags: #drafting #contract

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