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Handwriting Forensics

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Author: B. R. Sharma

Year: 2016

Handwriting Forensics, perhaps the oldest scientific evidence produced in the courts, is even today the most frequent, the most difficult and by far the most misunderstood and controversial evidence. The book takes up the cudgels and shows the current state of the art on the subject to tackle the problems in the right earnest to the satisfaction of all concerned. This book deals with challenging field of document photography, digital imaging and challenging issues pertaining to modification possibilities therein. The book also examines various evaluation systems for comparison of handwriting for proper identification of handwriting. The book intends to equip the readers with tools in order to achieve objectivity thereby minimizing erroneous subjective assessment. The computer, in recent times, has emerged as a potent tool for the creation of false documents, for the detection and evaluation of their falsity and for the effective and convincing presentation of evidence, pertaining to document frauds, in courts. Its use and abuse, in document forensics, is increasing by the day. Yet there is hardly any works, which has discussed the subject. The book is, perhaps the first to take up the task and introduce the subject in its varied aspects: for imaging, for segmentation, for various measurement and for comparison of the data from the disputed and the standard documents. It is bound to be of great help in Handwriting Forensics. The book discusses the entire gambit of handwriting identification covering all-important topics: from development of handwriting through identification characteristics and principles, identification processes, identification of the genuine, the forged, the disguise orthe anonymous, right up to the handling and preservation of the documents. Written in a simple language, illustrated with real life cases and diagrams, avoiding verbosity and technical jargons, the book will prove to be an asset to assist judges, lawyers, investigators, experts and others in proper evaluation of handwriting and in turn helping disseminate justice.

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Forensic Science
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