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Judges on Radar of Indira Gandhi

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Year: 2024

Author: Dr. Janak Raj Jai

The present book "Judges on the Radar of Indira Gandhi" contains memoirs on the journey of the life of the author. The author has been closely associated with two Prime Ministers- Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi. He is thus in a happy position to expose the real face of Indira Gandhi. The author has been in legal profession for more than fifty years. The memoirs are divided into three parts.

Part I contains 14 chapters, which deal with various topics including the Family tree, Role of Destiny, Partition of the country, Operation Blue Star, Declaration of Emergency, Denigrations of the Judicial Institution, punishing the inconvenient Judges, by way of transferring, superseding, reverting them and bringing judicial impotency during Emergency.

Part II contains the visits of the Author to various places in India and abroad. The memoirs also contain Book Reviews published in various journals and magazines. It also contains interviews conducted by the author, with eminent personalities including the Chief Justice of India.

Part III contains Annexures in the form of letters and documents, which have their own significance and importance.

Tags: #indiragandhi #judges


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