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Key Legal Principles Essential legal Principles that every lawyer must know

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Author : Rupin Pawha
Year: 2024

Most subject-specific books of law in India focus on the relevant statutes and list, explain and detail the statutory enactments. In contrast, the focus of this book is on the underlying legal principles, whether or not they have been codified in a statute book or elsewhere. The objective of this book is to provide to the reader an explanation of the most important legal principles in key areas of the field, followed by an illustration of how the principle has been adopted or propounded in judicial pronouncements. It follows in the common law tradition where the legal principle comes first and the statute book later. It is neither possible nor useful to know about or understand every enactment in every statute. However, a well-rounded lawyer and an adept student must be familiar with certain key principles in the most important areas of law. This book provides those principles.

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