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Life as a Junior Barrister In the Words of the Independent Bar

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Indian reprint: 2023

Edited By Nigel Booth

This essential volume for all aspiring barristers offers guidance, insights and advice from new barristers from a diverse range of backgrounds and practice areas, shedding light on what life is really like for barristers at the independent Bar.

Each chapter is candid and honest about the reality of the Bar and how it measures against student expectations. There is only one Bar, but working in different practice areas brings different challenges. This book brings together new practitioners from across the disciplines, from crime to commercial, from family to employment law, and more, as they each discuss their workloads, the sorts of cases and tasks that they typically face and highlight the skills which need to be developed in the first couple of years. Practical tips around time-management and finance feature, as well as advice around key social and cultural issues. The concluding chapter by Jaime Hamilton QC discusses the transformations that the Bar has undergone and continues to go through.

Accessible and engaging, this invaluable resource is the perfect guide for anyone interested in exploring a career at the Bar. It will be an ideal companion to students of law at any level.

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