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Pollock & Mulla - The Specific Relief Act, 1963

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Author: Pollock & Mulla

Year: July 2022

The sixteenth edition of this legal classic explains in detail various aspects of the law relating to Specific Relief. Relevant case law and latest statutory developments have been meticulously incorporated in this edition to serve its readers which include students, lawyers as well as academicians. Further, all relevant and connected statutes have been appended with this book intending to enable its readers to use it as a ready reference. 

Key Features:

  In this edition, an attempt has been made to cover the paradigm shift brought in the law on specific relief by the Specific Relief (Amendment) Act, 2018

  Though the number of decisions on the subject post amendment are limited, an attempt has been made to cover most of the latest decisions

  Suggestions and comments have been made on amendments not yet covered by precedents

  This edition retains the old style of referring to international case law by including important arbitration proceedings and decisions of highest courts from common law jurisdictions such as Singapore, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and Malaysia


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