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Handbook on Civil Practice and Criminal Practice in 2 vols.

Rs. 3,000.00

Publisher: Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa

Year: 2023

Handbook of Civil and Criminal Practice (Bundled with Special Diamond Jubilee Year Box-Set)

It is sterling truth that the Trial Courts form a backbone of the Indian Judiciary. A common man's plight, at the very first instance, is adjudicated upon by these Courts, when he comes knocking at the doors of Justice. In an attempt to make the legal knowledge more accessible to both practicing advocates and Judges alike The Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa has come out with a two volume box set of "Civil and Criminal Practice Handbooks".

These handbooks contain very meticulous compilation of all the legislations relevant for civil and criminal practice. These two books bring to the reader not only the important provisions of the civil and criminal law, but also incorporate the details of the structure of the Civil and Sessions Courts in the State. A junior member of the Bar who has recently joined profession encounters several practical and legal questions every day.

This handbook will provide appropriate answers to their problems. This handbook acts as a key to successful legal practice before Civil and Sessions Court. Due care has been taken while crafting these handbooks in a simple & lucid language, so that beginners to the law can digest it swiftly, understand it thoroughly & use it perfectly. These handbooks provide the reader assess to Practical approach to procedural statutes with other relevant provisions Appreciation of evidence in civil and criminal trial Writ jurisdiction - conceptual framework Precedents as a source of law Interpretation of statute - methods and relevance Professional ethics and etiquette for lawyers  Sample drafts

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