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Textbook on Law of Contract and Specific Relief

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Author: Varun Malik

Year: 2022

The latest edition of Dr. Avtar Singh's Textbook on Contracts and Specific Relief has been comprehensively revised and incorporates the case law from the Supreme Court and various High Courts All amendments to the Statutory portion have also been updated.

The present edition is an attempt to make the principles, emanating from the judicial pronouncements and the ones incorporated in the legislation, accessible to the reader with brevity. The book further aims to trace the common law origin of several principles incorporated in the various provisions of the enactment through a discussion around case laws preceding the legislation.

The present book has been revised with the intent of relating various aspects concerned with the drafting of contracts and resolution of contractual disputes to the substantive law governing contractual relations In furtherance of the said intent, certain headers such as exploring relation/ distinction between force majeure and frustration, arbitrability of disputes in cases of frauds, rules of evidence in establishing/ refuting the claims of the vagueness of an agreement, arbitrability of disputes under the Specific Relief Act, etc have been included. Further, the part on the Specific Relief Act has been revised and updated in light of the latest amendment to the statute and the arrangement of sections under the part has extensively been revisited with an intention of arranging the sections under broader themes.

This book is meant for students of law, practitioners, and all those interested in learning about the subject in a concise fashion.

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