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The Constitution of India

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Author: Dr. B. R. Ambedkar under the chairmanship of Dr. Rajendra Prasad

Year: 2023

This special A4-sized book is a true collector's prized possession. Even better and grander than the previous edition which was received very well by the readers. This unique book - a beautiful state-of-the-art production is bigger than any other in the market. It is marvelously printed on superior art paper throughout, with many coloured pages.

It contains 

* A4 big-sized book in hardcover with beautiful and apt cover design

* Coloured Preamble - detachable coloured "Original Preamble of 1950" and "Current Preamble" for your personal framing

* Images and Illustrations used in the Original Constitution of 1950

* Much Rare information used in the original Constitution of 1950

* A Special Article on Abolition of Article 370

* Full Acceptance Speech of Dr. Rajendra Prasad dated 26th November 1949

* Full Text of the Constitution of India, 1950 as amended by The Constitution (105th amendment) Act, 2021 and Abolition of Article 370

* Brief Introduction to Constitution

* Signatures of the Members of the Constituent Assembly

* Full Subject Insex

* Alphabetical Index, and many more unique features. The cover is specially designed with foam padding and rounded corners. The coloured gilding on all side edges makes it worth preserving as a collectible book!

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