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The Registration Act by Sir Dinshaw Fardunji Mulla

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2020 edition.

The Book aims at giving a detailed and conceptual perspective about the laws relating to Registration. This title has been serving legal fraternity for more than eight decades providing a comprehensive view on both central and state registration laws. Different states introduce important amendments in several sections of the Registration from time to time which makes it necessary to introduce new edition each time. It will be a reference hand book for Inhouse counsels, legal practitioners, judicial officers, institutional libraries, students, academicians.

Key Features
  • A comprehensive study on the aspects of Registration laws.
  • Includes all the legislative developments that has taken place in this field of law
  • All-important judicial pronouncements have been incorporated.
  • Adopts a lucid and analytical approach.
New to this edition
  • Legislative developments that has taken place post the publication of last edition has been incorporated.
  • Landmark Supreme Court and High Court judgments that have been pronounced post the publication of the last edition has been duly incorporated.
  • The redundant content has been removed.

Tags: #mulla #registration #lexisnexis #The overwhelming and incredible responses from all quarters of academia and lawyers for the last four editions of this handbook on Public Interest Litigation gave dual sense of pleasure and responsibility as well. The pleasure of being appreciated is all understood, while the responsibility that mounts up thereafter to work harder to keep the expectation, bestowed upon, intact. Ingrained with this sense of responsibility, the Fifth Edition of this handbook has been brought in at your disposal, ensuring the quality for which it has got accolades. Public Interest Litigation is a vast and ever developing area of law, where almost everything under the sun has been brought within its purview to serve the larger interest of the public. With view to its dynamism, this edition has been updated to incorporate lot more recent cases to date to acknowledge as to how far PIL has developed into touching upon every aspect of human life. The first chapter has been introduced with the title Introduction to deal with the scope of PIL, its development and what not. The subsequent chapters have been given wide coverage to give a detailed understanding about the concept. The language used in this handbook is quite lucid and easy to be understood by common people so as to accomplish its objective. Since it has come into being as an integral part of judicial system, PIL has been extensively used for the redressal of grievances of common people. The existing chapters with rich contents have been ensured to address all areas of the concept. It is expected that this present edition will retain the confidence of readers and continue to enlighten the common people as usual.

Tags: #pil #publicinterestlitigation #9788194471554

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