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The Theory of Inverse Logic in Forensic Accounting

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Author: Chetan Dalal
Year: 2021

The Theory of Inverse Logic in Forensic Accounting is the author’s attempt of propounding a new theory. The theory in a nutshell illustrates the advantages of looking both ways, forwards and backwards, in given situations to get multidimensional views. The book also illustrates application of certain reality tests on evidence, particularly documentary evidence. A document may appear to indicate something routine or normal but when examined forensically with reality tests, the presence of fraud or deception may be spotted. Thus, in addition to the normal investigation and auditing techniques (which are absolutely necessary) certain reality tests and tests of ‘reasonableness’ using reverse logic may yield new results. In addition, the book is supported with links to access the author’s videos explaining and discussing concepts and case studies. The videos will facilitate better understanding of the theory of inverse logic.

The author has extensively used illustrations, experiences with frauds that have happened in the past to demonstrate how the new theory could assist auditors, investigators and even cost & finance controllers in corporate sector.

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