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War on Earth - (THE GREAT TRIAL) Animal World vs Mankind

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Author: Medha Pushkarna

Year: 2023

Earth is under attack. Coronavirus is the accused. Millions are dying. Who is to be blamed? A full war is on in the Court of Devas to settle this issue. Animal and plant worlds are pitted against mankind. Meds, a young girl, is the counsel for the animals. She claims the virus to be man-made. Uncle Just, a senior Counsel with vast experience, holds the animal world responsible for launching this conspiracy and the Virus attack through pigs and bats. He calls it an act of sheer revenge, springing out of jealousy of the animal and plant world over the vast development of mankind. The magical world of the Devas keeps an account of the activities of both man and animals. The Court of Devas has been invoked to unravel the conspiracy behind the attack on Earth. Both sides have the intention to harm the other, power and ability to cause it, and circumstantially look suspect. The Great Trial has commenced between the two to find out whom to punish. Witnesses will be examined. Corona has been summoned. The legal principles common for mankind and the animal world as have existed for centuries, will apply as written in the Rule book of Devas. Meds has been lured by the Devas into an experience and as test for her to become a Devas. She has almost failed the test and is fighting for her life. Devas want to reboot her life form. She faces a trial to save her own life...... The action-packed legal thriller contains many answers and raises many questions. Meds in the world of Devas will seek to apply rules from the Divine Book of Devas. The Trial presents in a simple form, the most basic structure of Trial procedures and legal principles as they use in most parts of the world.


Tags: #great #trial #greattrial #medha #pushkarna

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