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WOMAN: Her Trials and Triumphs; Socio-Legal Gender Perspectives

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Author: Justice Roshan Dalvi (Retd.)

Year: 2022

WOMAN: Her Trials and Triumphs shows, through many stories and incidents, the various gender perspectives in laws and in society and the myriad ways in which they are interpreted and perceived by persons from different backgrounds, status and cultures. Its aim is to inject innovative thinking by creating awareness of the situations that demand sensitivity. It is broad-based and enumerative, covering a wide spectrum of gender roles and realities. This book would make value reading for students and professors of all streams, professionals in all fields, corporates in all industries, government personnel in all countries and lay persons everywhere. The title understandably suggests the subject of the work to be women, but the book makes references to children, men as well as transgenders while dealing with the wider theme of gender. Pondering explicit egalitarianism and latent discrimination

Gender & the Law
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