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Arthvyavstha of Mandir (Temple Economics)| Mandir Ke Liye Ek Dashak (A Decade for Mandirs) - Set Of 2 Books

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Author: Sandeep Singh

Year: 2024

Volume 1: Arthavyavstha of Mandir (Temple Economics): Sandeep Singh’s book explores the economic and cultural significance of Hindu temples (Mandirs) in Bharat (India), emphasizing their role beyond mere worship sites. It chronicles the history of Temple Economics, illustrating with examples the temples’ contributions to local economies through services like education, healthcare, and employment. Singh argues for a revival of traditional Mandir-based economics (Arthavyavstha), distinguishing it from Western economics by its integration of spiritual and ethical values. The book provides detailed case studies and data, advocating for action to restore Mandirs’ cultural and economic functions, which were historically undermined by invaders. The text is notable for its use of traditional Sanskrit terminology and unique presentation.

Volume 2: Mandir Ke Liye Ek Dhashak (A Decade for Mandirs): Following the first volume, this book urges Hindus to commit a decade to supporting their local Mandirs, aligning with the current government's efforts to restore these temples' past glory. Sandeep Singh emphasizes the impact of consistent, small efforts (the 1% principle) over time to achieve significant results, advocating for a movement to reinvigorate Mandirs as centers of cultural and economic strength.

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